The mode of your declaration

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A: Meh gotta disagree with you on this one. If it’s just a name why don’t you drop it? Some things should just not be messed with in life, traditions are traditions for a reason. I dunno just my two cents.

B: If its just a name, then my boyfriend can take mine.

This is a tradition that was based off of the basic idea that women become the property of their husband, hence them changing their last name to their man’s. And I am no one’s property.

A: Well, that’s true too but here.

“The last name thing is a symbol of oneness and provides ease in the ability to keep track of the family tree.

“That being said… here’s how I see it. If a woman really feels it’s that serious to have a long debate on whether or not she thinks it’s just, non- liberating, or old fashion for her to take my last name… I’d simply make it easy for her and marry her best friend or the other woman who didn’t seem to have a problem with it.

“Typically, I have found that when two people are really in love and the possibility of marriage is on the way… having the same last name is the least of their (HER) concern, but hey, that’s me.

“Usually those with the problem are still single. What a coincidence.”

Can’t take credit for this but it was well said.

B: Well then I’m glad you and I aren’t getting married.