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Interesting. I’ve heard responses from guys (generally) who’d be insulted by anything that could possibly be construed as an attribution of blame for any violent acts like that shooting to masculinity, maleness, and/or men at large (or in particular, really), whether in cultural or biological terms of any kind. They would rip into all that stuff, call it sexism in its /true/ form. (Not that something like this’d likely be anything new to this comic’s readers.)

And then, there’s this guy.
“Violence! It’s here to stay. It’s what men do, and it’s a man’s world, baby.”

It’s odd how both those responses make me /more/ uncomfortable, despite being intended as defenses of my gender.

He’s right on the curse part. Often hard to see the blessing. Or indeed any evidence of these “extra brains.” Some people round these parts seem to have taken it that you are supposed to trade brains for body mass; brain size, or at least processing power, seems inversely proportional to body mass and muscle mass.

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