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I kinda want to see the source for this, just to see how deep the batshit crazy goes…

It was in the comments section of an article in an online magazine or possibly a Guardian article (really don’t remember or we’d be citing; it was collected before we started noting sources). What I loved about this comment in context was that the guy who made it actually made the second half of it (the ‘these women will pay/PEARL HARBOUR’ bit) it SEVERAL TIMES throughout the comments section of the article, like, he cut’n’pasted it in answer to any comment where he thought he could wedge it in. I have no idea whether this was to advertise A Voice For Men (which he linked to with ‘men’s movement’) or to warn all the feminist harpies that they were going to die alone and be eaten by their cats, but either way he was REALLY KEEN to get his message out!

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