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D’ya ever hear something so wrong you just can’t articulate a response, because the amount of wrongness you would have to explain is about the size of Texas? If you have not, read this comic, and you will truly understand brain-melting pain.

Oh dear god. ‘We didn’t have to’. I am frightened to think that some guy, somewhere actually said that. Yes, you didn’t have to keep all the women alive. Because men could just breed with each other. That’s how reproduction works. Right?

… Right?


Oh, that’s right. It isn’t. And women didn’t have rights, and were taught that they were too weak and inferior to protect themselves. Therefore, they felt as though they couldn’t for most of history. Heh.

And now that they know otherwise, they are still treated as though they are lesser. I wish I could tell this guy that women don’t ‘choose’ those cushy, low-paid jobs. Many of them do not have a choice in the matter.

I’d be very interested to hear his wife’s point of view

You actually think this guy is married? Oh, that’s funny! I want to know what his mother thinks. You know the lady that gestated him for nine months, gave birth to him, breast fed him until he could chew solid food, and wiped his butt until he could use the toilet by himself. That’s the woman I’d like to hear from.

how is this a spoof?

Look at the stats for marred couples, married men work longer hours than married women. Married women work less hours than single wpmen.

Women get more from taxes than men, but pay far less in.
Women marry up for the most part, and are more likely to divorce when a man loses his job.

This is pointing to something that is true and then going “Ha ha ha ha, how ridiculous your position is” It is gaslighting.

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