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As a black man, i’m kind of offended by this. Considering this is how I feel I must behave, not because of women fearing me, but because of society viewing me like a thief and a gangster for the mere superficial feature that is the color of my skin. Something I had no control over. I thought society was getting better and I no longer had to walk awkwardly away from people, sit far away on the bus or the train. But as soon as society begins accepting the color of my skin, apparently I must continue behaving that way once again because I’m still a man. I feel sorry for the little boys who are going to grow up being viewed like violent rapists and ostracized for actions they never committed. All because people like to feed irrational fear.

I hope you were saying all this just for effect. If you really segregate yourself from white people simply because you are black, that is very sad. If ignorant people want to fear you’re a thief, that’s their problem. Where do you live, that you feel you have to self-ostracise in this way? You need to go about your business and sit wear you chose with your head held high. The man in this comic is deluded if he thinks he’s required to cross the street away from women so I wouldn’t worry about it or compare it to the experience of black people.

Hey Conrad. You do realize that all of the man’s dialogue is taken from actual quotes that the creators of this comic found on the web, right? Meaning that this isn’t an argument that the creators of this comic made up; some poor, deluded guy out there actually thinks the things Mr. Darcy is saying.

Also, if this fella feels bad because a strange woman walking down the street considers that he might be a rapist, he maybe should consider – just for a moment! – what it feels like to walk down the street worried that the guys you see might be rapists. Both are shitty feelings to have, but as a woman, I’d personally take “feeling like a monster” over feeling leery of every man who walks down the street. The ugly reality is that when a woman’s fears are realized, she ends up raped. Not all men are rapists, but some are, and how is a woman walking down the street supposed to know that a specific man isn’t one of them? Instead of whining about “feeling like a monster”, this entitled fellow would be better served by thinking about *why* women are suspicious of men. A non-monstrous man would be empathetic, not continue whining about how it’s “so hard” for him to be thought of this way.

I’m not trying to dismiss your legitimate concern about people fearing you because of the color of your skin. Sadly, racism is alive and well, and you’re NOT crazy to be suspicious. In a way, I actually think your feelings are stemming from a similar place that women’s feelings are. You are crossing the street because of the legitimate fear that someone might mistakenly – and racistly – think you’re a thief or thug and take preemptive and/or violent action. Women cross the street when they feel uncomfortable because they too fear violence. The parallel isn’t exact, but the fear that both black people and women of all colors feel in this situation is based in self-preservation. And it’s *monstrous* that we have to live that way. It is decidedly NOT monstrous that this guy has to consider that other people (women, in this case) might have legitimate reasons to fear male-shaped people; it is monstrous that his reaction to this legitimate fear that women have is to blame *them* for it, instead of turning this furor on the men who rape and cause this fear for women.

It’s funny how you can expect compulsory empathy from the world’s men, and show so little of it yourself.

Have you seen the context that the comics came from? I haven’t. But I don’t see him blaming anything on women. He implicates society at one point, but that’s about it. (Are you implying that society—oppressive, patriarchal society—is dominated by women?)

This comic is a cruel mockery of a sad, lonely, desperate person. One who has some psychological issues, to be sure, but hasn’t harmed anyone other than himself. In a certain light, his intentions almost seem noble. In any case, unable to face his problems in the real world, he apparently took to some Internet forum or another, somewhere he likely regarded as a safe place where he could find a bit of the compassion he so obviously craves.

You’re the aggressor here. You, whoever authored this comic strip, and the people mocking it and linking to it. If whoever made the original post has seen this, then you’re the only people in this situation who have caused harm to another human being. Someone who obviously has feelings that are just as real as yours. Apparently he’s not eligible for sympathy because he’s male, and also some men are rapists. Do you not see the inherent sexism there?

I have crossed the street to avoid walking too closely to another person on dark and empty roads only to discover that they are my same-sex (also female) roommate. I have also walked behind women on dark streets and had them tense up or look backwards. I usually give a smile and a wave or something to indicate that I am a friendly regular person going about their business who needs to get past them. I’ve also had men do the same to me kind of wave and eye-contact. People are afraid of the unknown. A potential rapist probably doesn’t want their face to be seen. It goes further than race and gender into the “stranger danger” and “these streets are unsafe” kind of mentality that we’ve all been taught. Then again, I’ve had a friendly smile and wave on the bus turn into being followed into my university building. Creeps are just creeps. If you act like one, people will think you are one.


“I have a legitimate problem.”
“I’m glad you have that problem.”

I think maybe people are missing the joke…

“I have (what I think is a legitimate) problem.”
“You have a problem alright, just not the one you think you have…”

Get it? He’s whining about a problem he’s created in his mind. Going on and on….and the woman (understandably, in my opinion) is turned off by it.

“I have to avoid women because society…..” (a.k.a., I have a problem I’ve imagined)
“Yeah you go ahead and keep avoiding women…” (a.k.a, We don’t want men like this)

And to answer rebuttals to my ‘imagined problem’ comment – society hasn’t conditioned anyone like this. I used to this the same way until my friends (mostly women) told me it’s a crock and if any woman thinks I’m a creep just for making eye contact, smiling, or talking to them, then THAT PERSON (man or woman) has the problem, not me.

It’s true that it’s the other person who has the problem, but before others pointed that out to you, you also used to feel that way. Would you say that you imagined the problem out of thin air? Before others pointed it out to you, did you deserve to be avoided? Maybe the guys who say things like this need that same reassurance that they aren’t monsters, that it is the other person’s problem.

To the extent this is a real problem, it isn’t caused by feminism. It’s caused by *violent men.* Someone who wants to blame a supposed societal perception of all men as rapists which doesn’t actually exist should indeed continue avoiding women.

This is modern feminism. Take a look everyone.


What the heck are you talking about? Are you empathizing with a man’s imagined plight; one where he thinks he cannot have any approach or contact with a woman unless he somehow has permission? Unless the man needs that permission per a court order, I think he’s delusional. And..are you criticizing a woman for thinking that a man whining about said imagined plight has this (and probably more) undesirable emotional baggage?

I am not a woman. But I think I can understand why women wouldn’t want to associate with men who think like that. I don’t think that’s feminism. I think that’s common sense and a matter of preference.

Mountains out of mole hills…on both sides of this one (i.e, both the man in the comic and the ‘feminism’ over-reactors/over-actors in the comments are blowing this way out of proportion).

But feminism tells men this. He’s being shunned by women for doing what they told him to.

No, it doesn’t.
“Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.”

I’m with you there. But apparently (according to other commenters) that notion is also overtly oppressive to men.

Women: “We deserve to be treated equally. Don’t treat us like second-class citizens. Don’t treat us like dirt. Treat us as equals.”
(Some) Men: “I’ll just avoid women all together so as not to offend their feminism. Women are taking over. I’m being oppressed! Terrorized even!”
Women: “Don’t be a douche-bag.”
(Those same) Men: “See!? I did what they wanted and I still get beat down!”
SJW (of either gender): “You poor man! You feminists leave him alone! He can’t win for losing!”
Me: /rolls eyes… -sigh-

There’s Feminism, which promotes treating women as equals and just in general being a decent human being, and then there are the so called Feminazis – one fairly famous example of which would be the woman who publicly stated she wished she’d had an abortion because she caught her fifteen year old son watching porn. One of these things is not like the other. A boy with the former as a mother will probably turn into a fairly well adjusted human being. A boy with the latter as a mother will probably grow up hearing about how he’s worthless, a monster and a terrible human being just for what hangs between his legs, and will probably end up like the chap in the above comic.

“But feminism tells men this.”
“…for doing what they told him to.”

Where? How? I’m a man. Did I miss a memo?

When and how did ‘they’ tell men to think and act like that? Which representative(s) of feminism have said to men, “Do not address women in any way (eye contact, walking on the same side of the street, speaking, etc.) without permission or else you’re a rapist.”

Aside from that, “I’m only doing what you told me to…” is a passive-aggressive attempt to justify their lack of self-acceptance (note that I did not say ‘esteem’ or ‘confidence’) and perceived social status. They want to blame someone/something.

Do you really think feminism is so pervasively oppressive of men that we have become slaves to the feminist cause/mantra and have no other recourse but to lament our plight on social media (only to apparently be kicked in the balls by another feminist)? Is that what you really think happened?

Your apparent view: Poor man beaten down by feminist oppressors subjugates himself before his overlords and the overlords shun him for following their commands. It’s a lose-lose situation. The poor man can’t win for losing!

Reality: Man wants to justify his perceived lack of social status with passive-aggressive leverage tactics. It works and he gets empathy from SJW in the comments of a satirical web comic.

Wow…that got tldr; real quick. Sorry.

The fun thing here is, in Jane Austen’s days, Mr. Darcy would indeed not have been allowed to speak to a woman without first having been introduced to her. That’s why Mrs. Bennett makes all that fuss about Mr. Bennett having to go visit Mr. Bingley – they wouldn’t be able to talk to each other according to the strict rules of society back then, if they were not introduced first.

Back then, men understood why women don’t want to talk to male strangers. The number of rapists has not decreased, only men’s empathy has.

As a woman, I know what it’s like to be afraid to make eye contact with people or glance at them–but it’s a bit different for me. For some reason, when I do anything short of breathing, some man will interpret it as “leading him on.” And “leading men on” is met with temper tantrums, sexual demands, and stalking. I learned a long time ago that when I get anywhere near men in public, I should divert my eyes to the ground.

If men have been “conditioned by society” to never look at women, then I think the vast majority of them missed the memo.

Oh my gawds
The comic. Priceless funny. And sadly accurate.
The replies.
Depressingly willfully ignorant, for the most part.
You are courageous for continuing to post thoughtful and witty comics in the face of such mind numbing, eye jabbing migraine inducing morainic mansplaing replies.
You are in my thoughts. Keep fighting the good fight.

There there, Sad Cat. There there.
It will only hurt a little. Be brave.
In future visits, I think perhaps it will be best
to avoid the comments section,
for myself, at any rate. The mind
is indeed a little
after such an exercise.

Self-pitying losers will be self-pitying losers. Even when they’re playing the victim they still think society owes them something (in this case, love). This is how Elliot Rodgers are created.

I was (and still am) a nerd. I was (and still am) depressed. I lacked self-confidence. I used to think I was a nice guy. I was lonely. I thought a lot of things MRAs thought.

Then I grew the fuck up and took responsibility for myself and my actions. College helped. I realized the world does not revolve around me, I am not the hero (or the anti-hero), and that I would not just be noticed and accepted. Interaction with society, let alone women (or whatever gender you fancy) requires genuine effort on your part. If you don’t want to be seen as an anti-social creep, you need to carry yourself with some fucking confidence and be proud of who you are. Treat others as genuine human beings with thoughts and feelings like your own and make a connection with them (this is an important step, since a lot of these shitty comments say this comic somehow exhibits a lack of compassion or empathy – if you think that, you don’t know what those are). Everyone else is not the enemy. Your MRA pals are not the only ones capable of understanding and enjoying your interests. Your time would be better spent out of the house instead of complaining on certain reddit subforums.

Carry on avoiding women is right. Actually, I would like these people to just avoid society in general, please. The more disingenuous MRA “nice guys” that work their way out of the gene pool the better off we’ll all be. Heck, maybe then we could stop conflating the legitimate mental health support issues and stigmas this country has with the MRAs’ own excuses for behavior seeded by the misogyny they so seek to preserve.

Ryan, I agree re: “nice guy syndrome,” but this comic was still cruel. People who need emotional help are not going to tend to express themselves well. We need to read between the lines if we want to have empathy for someone in serious distress. Your reading of this as someone pretending to be in pain seems a bit presumptive. I see a lot of self-loathing and loneliness in the rant above – and surprisingly little hatred. I see someone saying that they feel isolated and afraid. Not knowing much about this individual, we should probably take the emotional component of his declaration at face value; if we go that far, I hope you will agree that he deserves something better than a snarky and indifferent reply.

That is, unless we just don’t care. But if we want to establish not caring as a baseline, then there is not much point to demanding social justice.

I say all this with the caveat that I have not laughed so hard at a comic collection in quite some time. Sexists who construct hilarious and absurd arguments involving skyscrapers and alimony payments deserved to be lampooned, but I’m not convinced that this falls into that category.

It seems to me that if a man is upset because he feels constrained by the assumption that he may be a rapist or pervert, he should blame the rapists and perverts and the society that supports them, rather than feminism. It’s the rapists and perverts who are giving men a bad rep, not the feminists or women who have been victimized.

It also seems to me that the ones who pull this argument – that women see men as rape machines and that hurts normal, good guys – also like to put the onus on women to protect themselves against rapists and perverts. And thus, once again, an absurd expectation is placed on women: women must have superpowers to detect the rapists in the crowd, so they can fear only the right people, and somehow know to trust the good ones. Yep. Makes lots of sense.

expecting women to protect themselves from rapists and perverts is absurd ? Are you saying that men have an obligation to protect women ? What obligations do women have towards men ? None, right ? Are you saying that the “normal good guys” who don’t rape are obliged to protect all women from rapists and perverts ? That if I see a girl being harassed on the street, I am obligated to stand up for her and put myself in physical danger by doing so ? Even if I know the girl will not appreciate it and only question my motives ? Even if I know she will suspect me as just another pervert trying to get into her pants, but with subtler technique ? Yep. Makes lots of sense.

Of course, I’m a misogynist mansplainer for questioning this femsplaining BS, right ?

Women are justified in avoiding strange men on the street, certainly. But let’s diverge from this “stranger on the street” scenario for a minute. The vast majority of rapes are perpetrated by someone known to the victim, right ? Let’s talk about that guy in your office that you see every day. Obviously he isn’t a criminal and because he shows up to work. Yet you still avoid talking to him and turn your head every time you are in proximity to him. Not because you fear he is a rapist, but because you know he is single and you are worried that if you are polite to him, or say “good morning” to him, or show him any shred of human decency or common courtesy, he’ll misinterpret that as you being receptive to his romantic overtures. In other words, he just isn’t tall enough or good looking enough for you to treat like a human being. When you get into the elevator each morning and greet everyone in the elevator except him, and you do this every day for years, does the thought ever cross your mind that he might resent this and suffer a reduced sense of self-worth because of it ? Be honest, each and every one of you women have treated a guy like this. You make it obvious from your body language that you don’t want him saying hello to you. He understands these signals and complies. Are these men misogynists for resenting that kind of treatment ? Are they completely unjustified in feeling resentful ? Sure, rapists and assholes are fucking it up for all the nice guys, but even if there were no rapists and assholes, you would still shun this poor bastard, right ? Do you still expect him to have sympathy for you if you get raped ? especially when the guy who raped you was that attractive, tall, muscular, overconfident frat-boy that you were throwing yourself at ?

You have some errors in your response if I may edit a few things, please replace all words with DERP. Its much more appropriate for your intelligence level.

If there is not a single word of valid criticism, then make an argument instead of an insult

That trash you wrote above is hardly deserving of an argument therefore I give you what I feel you deserve, an insult if you take it as such. Derp

Certainly I am mistaken to compare rape with social ostracism, but the crime my elevator guy commits isn’t rape. His crime is not caring about rape. The power to not care is the last shred of self respect that many men have. You can’t put a man in jail for that. You have to convince him to care through persuasion. This is something obviously beneath your dignity.

The comic invalidates the man’s feeling of ostracism. Are men are not entitled to feel resentful from mistreatment ? Are men not allowed to participate in this discourse if they have a differing view ?

The real solution to the problem of rape and the victimization of women is to educate men from birth with the goal of creating fewer assholes, fewer muscle-head alpha males. Women have a part in this.

I suggest checking out the lake comic scene from this artist it may suit you with a visual of my thought process right now. I’ll humor you for a moment because any words of seriousness will undoubtedly be lost on you, you’re looking for a fight and I cant be bothered. Yes this is beneath my dignity because firstly your avoidance spiel of that poor neglected man in the office is crazy, any man harping on a woman that refuses to acknowledge his existence for years has issues, most people will move on. Now to have said that “horrible” woman was raped and to further more say the man didn’t care about it is their business however from how you word this nonsense it seems you imply said “elevator man” maybe are a little happy she “got what was coming”. That is fucked up beyond description no way else to say it. Saying not caring is a matter of self respect is nothing more than a cowardly defense mechanism to ignore the issues funny enough mainly on the mans side, short skirt = slut mentalities, “Yeah she was asking for it.” type BS. If you see a woman harassed in the street no you don’t have to do anything no ones forcing you that’s your choice and reflects your character. I will never try and persuade an individual man such as yourself to care about the abuses of women because if I must they aren’t worth my time, its called empathy a common human trait amongst men and women if you don’t have it please stay away from other people.
If your having girl problems I feel bad for you son but its probably this bull shit you spew around making those good chicks run.

wow, if you only had toned down the anger and hatred, you might have actually enlightened me to another point of view, but all I am hearing is the anger and hatred and the insults. You extrapolate a lot, now elevator man thinks that any girl who wears a short skirt is a slut. Not true. Maybe if you said hello to elevator man and got to know him, you’d find out that he is a decent guy who recognizes that there is victimization of women in this world. Maybe he agrees that rape is rape and a woman’s attire or sexual history does not mitigate the offense perpetrated by the attacker. Of course, you would have to speak to him to find out these things. Earlier in the thread, another poster complained that women are expected to have extra sensory powers to detect who is the rapist and who isn’t. But you are shunning elevator man without even knowing his attitude on gender politics. So obviously you must have some extra sensory powers, right ? You know he is not a human being worth getting to know, even though you never spoke a word to him. How do you do that ?

You will be hard pressed to find a man on earth who doesn’t have some grievance towards women. If you are going to insult every man who expresses his grievance, and lump him into the same category as Elliott Rodger and the MRA lunatics, you will only create more grievance and more trolls who argue on these comment sections. Do you want a public discourse on gender politics ? Or do you just want to get together with your femsplaining buddies and bash men ?

Do you agree that it is a worthwhile endeavor to educate men from childhood to reduce the number of adults that turn out to be alpha male rapists ? Do you agree that women have a role in this education ?

Are you willing to criticize the women who date murderers and rapists ? Do you know that Oscar Pistoriuos currently has a new girlfriend, even though he is on trial for murdering his former girlfriend ? Remember how OJ Simpson had a girlfriend during his trial for murder ? Her name was Paula Barbieri

What is your opinion of this genius who beat the hell out of his girlfriend ? What is your opinion of the women who dated this guy ? If elevator man told you he is just as horrified as you are about the animal acts of barbarism this guy perpetrated, would you change your opinion of elevator man ?

“its called empathy a common human trait amongst men and women if you don’t have it please stay away from other people.”

Now your hypocrisy is breath-taking. Empathy is a two way street. If you want empathy, you should be willing to give it. You obviously don’t have the ability to give empathy, just a gaping hole in your psyche filled with a blind hatred of any man willing to express his point of view. Please stay away from other people.

So many leaps of logic to choose from……how about this:
” Let’s talk about that guy in your office that you see every day. Obviously he isn’t a criminal and because he shows up to work. Yet you still avoid talking to him and turn your head every time you are in proximity to him. Not because you fear he is a rapist, but because you know he is single and you are worried that if you are polite to him, or say “good morning” to him, or show him any shred of human decency or common courtesy, he’ll misinterpret that as you being receptive to his romantic overtures. In other words, he just isn’t tall enough or good looking enough for you to treat like a human being.”
If our ‘Spidey-sense’ (e.g. past experience) tells us he’s not a rapist, but he IS one of those guys that takes the slightest civility as an invitation how does that translate into his not being tall enough or good-looking enough? He could be gorgeous, it’s irrelevant. Inevitably when we try bring him back to reality, i.e. he’s a colleague, not our boyfriend, he freaks out at how we bitches never go for the nice guys.

Brilliant comic.

You’re taking a few leaps of logic yourself. I suspect that your “past experience” spidey-sense was mostly from college, not the workplace. In the workplace, there are laws against sexual harassment and you have recourse if the guy follows the pattern you describe. In college, there is much less recourse; there is no manager or HR or EEO representative you can go to for immediate relief. In the workplace, people are evaluated on their interpersonal skills. In the workplace, professional courtesy is expected. Your spidey-sense is really nothing more than ugly prejudice and men are entitled to be unhappy about it.

But I will concede that there are enough uneducated asshole guys who harass women this way to make the scenario common. It’s too bad that there are decent guys getting ostracized unjustly because of this.

Men do get depressed about being ostracized. But of course, who cares about depressed white guys, right ? They should all just kill themselves like robin williams because the world is better off without them. The sooner the gene pool is rid of their strain, the better, right ? This is what I have read in the comments of many feminist articles.

The comic invalidates and belittles a man’s sense of ostracism. What really bothers me about the current discourse on gender politics is the attitude from femsplainers that “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is negotiable”. “Women have no obligation to men, but men have obligations to women” “Men have no right to be unhappy about anything”

Just remember, empathy is a two way street. If you’re not willing to give it, you don’t deserve to get it.

Robin Williams didn’t (allegedly) commit suicide because of feeling “ostracized by women” you pathetic asshole.

great, just keep insulting any man who expresses a point of view. good argument.

Men have a right to be unhappy about women who are rude to them, just like women have a right to be unhappy about men who are rude to them. In the workplace, professional courtesy is expected. It doesn’t mean you have to tolerate sexual advances from men ! Of course not. But being rude is horrible behavior and if that’s the way you want to act, you deserve to be treated no better.

Tell me, what are the acceptable reasons for a white man to be depressed, since you are the self-appointed arbiter of these things ?

Enjoy living in poverty while you struggle to pay off your student loans, you pathetic half-wit millennial asswipe ! Hows that English/History/Fine Arts/Women’s Studies degree paying off for ya ?

What do you know about the reasons why Robin Williams hung himself you insensitive cow ?!?!

It is just as likely that his comic genius was a coping mechanism for the horrible sense of worthlessness he felt all his young life because women treated him like a subhuman piece of garbage before he was famous.

Of course, I’m a misogynist mansplainer for questioning this femsplaining BS, right ?


All you boys please get offline and see a psychiatrist, you clearly don’t know many women and won’t with these attitudes.

Don’t need a psychiatrist, I’m perfectly happy with the quantity and quality of women I know. They are all intelligent, strong, independent, empathetic women who know that persecuting men will do nothing to end the victimization of women. and we boys will continue to troll this comment thread because the comic is offensive, now get back to work, there are customers waiting for their double lattes !

You know what keep trolling guys cause you’re just validating alot of the points feminists make, and I hope your posts will cause more women to become feminists. Spread your nonsense as far as possible, live under a bridge with your laptop if you have to, get that full troll feeling going.

the only feminist point made here is that it is OK to be rude and abusive to men.

Who started with the abuse in this thread ? not the men for certain. I saw “pathetic asshole” and “mansplaining” and “stay away from other people” long before I saw frank’s dig about your student loans and that you should pay more attention to your job as a barista. I don’t recall anyone saying “get back in the kitchen”

Wow…seems my little comment (well, more accurately eugene rivera’s response to my comment) produced quite the comment chain.

eugene – I never said expecting women to protect themselves from rapists and perverts is absurd. What I said was absurd is the degree to which this expectation is placed on women (i.e. superhuman powers to detect bad men) and simultaneously used against women (i.e. women shouldn’t be so damn wary of men because women will hurt men’s feelings). I never said or implied that men have an obligation to protect women. I never said that women have no obligations towards men.

I also never said that women don’t shun men. I never said that men are misogynists for feeling “resentful” of women for this treatment. But, yes, the fictitious man in your story should feel sympathy if I get raped, because rape is a terrible thing and any non-sociopathic human being would agree.

I also never said you are a misogynist mainsplainer. But I think you answered your own question in this case.

Finally, your whole argument (generous use of the word, here) is predicated on the fact that the coworker in your example is not a criminal, simply because he goes to work. (“Obviously he isn’t a criminal and because he shows up to work.”). Amusing, my friend. Solid logic, here!

In short, I don’t understand your response to my comment because your response didn’t really seem to touch on any of the points I made, and your argument is nonsensical.

Am I the only one struck by the irony of men posting about their feels in response to comics on this website?

Is it also possible that a man being able to understand that the universe does not exist to protect his precious fee-fees is a very rare gift?

Most of the comics on this website are funny. But this one does nothing but invalidate and belittle a man who feels ostracized.

I agree with you, not the rest of the women commenting here. It is not right to neglect the feelings of anyone who feels that ostracized. If women want their feelings to be acknowledged then men’s feeling also have to receive equal attention. I used to think that feminism was about equality for both sexes, but lately all I have seen is how so called feminists are trying to put down men to end up on top. If all men saw women as something to be feared would feminists have won then? If that is honestly what they want then all they want is a simple reversal of the roles. That is just not right.

Before I am called a ‘mansplainer’, whatever that is, I would like it to be known that I am in fact a woman.

This mag seems to come from the same place as the hilarious and callous game “What about teh menz (that are raped, abused, homeless, killing themselves, legally discriminate against etc.) LOL! did.

It is more sophisticated and subtle obviously, and I think the facial expressions were cast very well.

Feminists inside their sub culture have a environment in which its normal to be callous assholes towards politically incorrect biological demographics, or anyone with politically incorrect thoughts.

What happens then is that when out in public and they behave in ways that are socially rewarded in feminist environments they confirm to the man hating feminist stereotype without realizing it.

Then, when people see that and say that feminists are typically man haters they believe a strawman is being attacked, because they don’t have the self awareness to see that what is perceived as righteous and good in their echo chambers looks like ideological hate to others.

Carry on and keep up the “good” fight in public I say!!

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