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That’s brilliant. I notice that it’s based on the BBC serialised version with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth, not the actual book (contains no ponds). Austen shows how she expects a decent man to deal with a rejection, however painful, even without benefit of ponds.

Yep! The lake scene is an iconic part of pop culture (for a given value of ‘pop’) that every Austenophile thinks of when they think of Austen, however aware they are that it isn’t in the book, and it’s just chock FULL of manfeels, so very worth satirising! To be honest it’s just using the 1995 BBC P&P for now ’cause that’s what I have extensive screencaps of; I’m sure I’ll end up branching out beyond that if the comic grows legs.

Are people seriously applauding this comic? It’s not even witty. It’s just a dressed up CAD comic for Christ’s sake.

Excerpt from this site’s ‘About’ page (

“Manfeels Park is an exercise in flogging a pun for all it’s worth.

The male dialogue in this webcomic is all taken word for word or adapted only slightly from web commentary by hurt and confused men with Very Important Things To Explain, usually to women. Artistic license is exercised in editing commentary for brevity, spelling and grammar, but the spirit of the original comment is always faithfully observed. Witty rejoinders are also ‘found dialogue’ where possible.”

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