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This is starting to bug me now. Thousands of women have come forward to Michelle, the woman who received the offensive message, to say that similar things have happened to them. Despite this, there is now a fairly sizeable group on social media (mostly, if not all, men) declaring that it’s fake, she made it up, it’s publicity for a book she’s crowdfunding… The ‘logic’ is that there was a ‘suspiciously similar’ (actually not that similar) story in the US a few months back, so this must be copied (because it’s obviously such a rare occurrence that it could never happen more than once in the world ever); the two letters are ‘obviously’ similar in style and therefore written by the same person (they aren’t, apart from the places where the response deliberately parodies the tone of the original message); No-one on Tinder writes like that (clearly these people know EVERYONE on Tinder and their individual writing styles); It’s radical feminism blah blah

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