Feminism is Marxism

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Source: Robert Webb: Roll up, roll up, to see a man talking about feminism. What could possibly go wrong?

Article submitted for consideration by Brigid, for which thanks.

I loved this one so much I want to reproduce the full ‘essay’ verbatim below. (As a side note, this may also give a little insight into the sorts of edits we sometimes make to the quotes we use, for nerds those who are interested in how faithful they are.)

Feminism IS an ideology. It IS a political movement whose roots are firmly and indisputably embedded in Marxism, socialism and totalitarianism.

You know Marxism don’t you? That ideology that sets itself against our entire western democratic way of life? The ideology that openly states its intention to destroy the family that is the very strength of democracy (but a weakness in communism); to tear down fatherhood, to bring children out from the protection of fathers and into state control, to masculinise women and emasculate men, and cause the relationships between men and women to become transactional – where both are allegedly ‘equal’?

You know communism don’t you. That practical outworking of Marx and Engels’s ideology that seeks to control society from the centre, and bring women out from the home into the workforce as units of economic production? That seeks to diminish the role of women as generators of social capital – the producers of the next generation, and turn them into units of economic capital? Making them work as hard as the men because they are ‘equal’?

You know about totalitarianism don’t you? The ideology that rules by dividing people into factions? That removes the right of the individual to his or her own destiny and distracts from the reality of this by setting one half of society against the other, thus dividing it in order to rule it? Where all are equal, but some are more ‘equal’ than others?

You know about feminism don’t you? That ideology that has divided us all along the fault line of gender? Convincing women that men are their enemies, with privilege and power (which is absolute nonsense, it has never been like this – EVER!) and whipping women up into an hysterical, antagonistic fervour against men in a bizarre parody of the worker-capitalist struggle?

The so-called ‘liberation of women’ was one of the prime goals of those states who fell to socialism/communism in the 20th century (and failed, incidentally – spectacularly – within a century). Like Marxism, socialism and totalitarianism, its bedfellow – feminism is an ‘ism. Like all ‘isms, it thrives by creating schisms.

Be in no doubt about it, Feminism IS Marxism. In 1970, when the latest outbreak of this social Ebola broke amongst us (in the women’s liberation movement of the 1970s) Germaine Greer said ‘Women’s liberation, if it abolishes the patriarchal family, will abolish a necessary substructure of the authoritarian state, and once that withers away Marx will have come true willy-nilly, so let’s get on with it.’

So, what bit of this do people not understand? Feminism is a deeply left-wing, Marxist revolutionary ideology that uses a completely movable definition of equality, which it adapts to any situation in which it can gain advantage.

Feminism has always been fomented by a cadre of radicals (mostly elite women like Greer, but some emasculated men who have no self-respect, and dance to these radical women’s lies), who seek to impose upon us their own ideology for their own advantage. This group of political infiltrators have been intent on breaking down our western way of life for decades and imposing their own, failed, narrow, dominating ideology on otherwise free people. Far too many of them have serious power in the and today. Look at Harriet Harman and Yvette Cooper.

These people want to change our very way of life, or our society, built over centuries, to one where the family is re-shaped, where the definition of the family is re-defined to conform to the communist one, where the role and presence of the father in families is removed (and don’t forget, patriarchy means the rule of the father, not the rule of men) and whose demented, twisted ideas of men’s alleged privilege and advantage over women is espoused by a mass of foolish women (and men) who fall for their weasel words,

Those like Robert Webb and those who spout the mantras of this divisive, destructive ideology – feminism – are flirting with serious social danger. They are the toe-ers of a party line – the ‘second-hand purveyors of other peoples ideas’ as Hayek put it: they are just mindless apparatchiks, fellow-travellers, and they need to wake up to their stupefying stupidity.

is there any wonder that men are becoming increasingly angry? Men are people too. Men have wisdom – and common-sense. Men have intelligence too; a sense of responsibility – and feelings. Increasingly, men are seeing the truth of what is happening to them, to their children, and to society around them. Increasingly, men are realising they are the victims of an increasingly misandric culture that is being relentlessly created by political ideologues, aided and abetted by fools.

Rudyard Kipling said, ‘If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools… You will be a man my son.’ Many more men need to wake up and become men again. It’s about time men regained their dignity, their humanity and their inherent strength and re-asserted their rightful place in a society that is falling apart around them in a hysterical stampede to privilege women beyond their right to privilege.

It’s about time men drew a line in the sand and said, ‘Enough is enough, we are humans too, we have rights, and your rights end where mine begin sister!’