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Let’s forget for a minute that this is highly amusing, but your pictures are simply divine! You’re a very talented artist (and satirist) it seems :-).

Thanks for sharing your work πŸ™‚

Thank you! But to be honest I’m no more an artist than anyone else with a steady hand. What I’ve done is ripped screencaps of scenes directly out of period dramas (well, I say plural but presently they’re all from the 1995 BBC P&P) and hand traced them (with a graphics tablet; they never see any sort of hard copy). Sometimes I’ve simplified backdrops or moved things around a bit, but at the end of the day it’s all tracing really. Which don’t get me wrong with I have no qualms about doing (there’s no way I could do this properly at speed), but it’s not drawn from scratch or anything!

I don’t get it

Patriarchy is a positive thing and the anglosphere has the least of it, which would indeed make feminism in the anglosphere a false grievance industry. Not to say it isn’t elsewhere, but here especially so

the Anglo-sphere is the only place feminists would be able to voice their insane opinions so vociferously. I of course defend your right to your opinions (however fervently I disagree with them) but I also think the Anglo-sphere (read as; “English Speaking World” I.e. U.K., U.S.A., Australia, Canada, NZ…) and ‘Anglo-culture’, far from being ‘hell bent on defending the status quo’ is very subtle and immensely susceptible to change and adaptation over time. Think about the way view society as a whole views women and sexual minorities now as opposed to 100 years ago? As somebody fiercely proud of their English heritage (I know booo! Hissss!!! “everybody is allowed to be proud of themselves apart from white Anglo-Celtic men”) I’m also proud of the way it is uniquely unbound by dogma, is accepting of change and really has become the culture of modernity and the entire world.

a) Just because a culture develops a more advanced, increasingly institutionalised variant of an abusive cultural form, extracting personal violence and into a more public/political/cultural/economic/ideological violence that is normalised to a higher degree of subtlety in an attempt to render it immune to critique, does not make it immune to critique.

b) Get back to where you came from you Angleish immigrant scum.

The “Anglospehere” is the only place women can say out loud their ideas? Really? Are you kidding or have I missunderstood all of this? I know other places where laws and public opinion are much more open to womens rights (Argentina, Scandinavia, Iceland, etc.).

I came here from Cats against Feminism, where it said your site was “pretty much the best place to go if you need to see cartoons of Jane Austen characters saying terrible Men’s Rightsy things.” Yes. Yes, I do need that.

The Anglosphere is a diverse collection of English-speaking countries plus a bit of this and that. The term is a relic of a vanished empire. Generalizations about it are risky; but I’d guess that it is ruled not by a patriarchy, exactly, but an oligarchy. Male privilege is the shadow; 1%-of-1% privilege is the substance.

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