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I absolutely ADORE this one!! You are absolutely brilliant. May I add a suggestion? In many posts (like this one) you kind of spoil the punchline in the name of the post (in the Archive)…. maybe it would be more effective if the name of the post was something different? Just a thought. Great work!!

Yeah, I thought about that, but from a UX perspective, the name of the comic is beneath the strip when you’re browsing on both tumblr and the website here, not before it, and the primary reason to go to the archive would be if one is looking for a specific strip, where it therefore makes sense to have titles that easily identify the strip. There’s a drawback in that the share link on Twitter also posts it up but on balance I would rather help people when they’re looking for specific strips than worry about that. I also don’t really think that the humour of the comics depends on the punchline being a surprise; have never been a big fan of ‘spoiler’ culture.

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