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from what I understand as a “Colonial” is the Penis in question as well as having a loosely defined sense of consent was not exactly a top flight player, plus if your on parole doesn’t that affect your travel options?Would he be allowed into Scotland or Ireland with the team (ok Scotland is part of GB but there is a boarder)
There has been similar issues with Rugby League and issues with Domestic Violence with quite similar responses from “Boofhead” fans and then the AFL wonders why it has an image problem

The tale hadn’t crossed the pond, so I looked it up. As Gabrielle says, the perp was an LVP – a least valuable player.
Also it was drunk-rape. An old, old story. Beware of strong drink.

Right because if he were a hall of famer that would have made it AOK.

To the owners, maybe yes.

well that depends if being a good role model and the appearance of good character is still a high selling point in professional sports. Mike Tyson for instance kinda got away with it and rebuilt his pro career after because it’s boxing he wasn’t the first and thuggery is kinda expected out of people who hit other people for a living, and no one said Tyson is a guy to look up to. whereas something like club football esp in lower divisions requires community buy in because if you alienate too many fans you can’t pay your players. it’s part of the job to be a role model and If you fail you can expect to slide into obscurity. If he was a better player he may of been given a “another chance” (and it would be sold as such to the public) but as it is now he is pretty tainted.

This topic is depressing and infuriating, but take heart in this: in the States, rape rates have been declining since the 90s. Ditto with all other forms of violent crime. Ditto for the UK, though I don’t know the exact timing. Nobody is sure why; my favorite theory is the banning of leaded gasoline in the mid-70s. Whatever the reason, it’s getting better.

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