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I love your work here. Keep it up! I was getting a bit down at the many idiotic comments showing up below some of the comics—by the same jokers you’re skewering in them. Then I realized, holy shit, this might be fodder for future comics! Your comics and their own associated comments could be a self-perpetuating engine of MRA moronics and associated mockery of it 😛

[…] Are you a little mystified at the “Women against Feminism” movement, and its subsequent parody movements? The Deseret News writes, “Is Feminism Misunderstood?” and the Washington Post chimes in with “Is this what an anti-feminist movement looks like?” to explain the gist of the movement, while the Daily Beast takes a more philosophical stance with: “You don’t hate Feminism. You just don’t understand it.” My personal favorite? Jane Austen Characters. […]

I read a lot of those “I don’t need feminism because…” postings, and the vast majority of them basically said, “I don’t need feminism because I believe in feminism; I just don’t understand it.”

Seriously! So many of the reasons they don’t need feminism were actual tenets of feminism! At first, I thought they were parodying the whole thing, but then I read more, and more, and realized that they were in earnest. They don’t need feminism, because they have feminism.

And today’s comic is brilliant. Thank you.

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